Transformational Coaching

Transform your potential with transformational coaching

The business world is starting to acknowledge the value or coaching as a high profile yet effective method for transforming people within organisations. Coaching can be used in parallel with, as well as over and above, conventional group training, which in turn has been proven to develop people at a much quicker pace. Coaching is particularly effective as it focuses on overcoming real issues within the business environment.  At Tangent we ensure that the emphasis is on enabling and empowering the coachee to take control of their own development. The role of a coach is to act as a catalyst and sounding board, to help explore the effects of different behaviours. 

We use a variety of tools to explore both the positive and negative effects of current behaviours so that one can focus on making the desired changes to one’s business or personal life. 

If you would like more information on how Tangent’s coaching programmes can help you and your organisation to grow, please contact us on Telephone number 01491 835650, Mobile 07802 478817

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